Businesses and Organizations

Not many business owners want to think about the time when they will hand over control of their company to someone else. For most business owners, their time is spent on running their business and keeping it successful. Being a business owner entails many different responsibilities to your business, as well as to others, such as your employees, customers and family. Annie Mac Financial can assist you in planning for these responsibilities:

  • Business continuation planning in the event of a death/retirement/disability
  • Protecting your Family from a forced sale of the business
  • Protecting your future retirement by guiding you in assembling an exit strategy that takes into consideration estate planning, retirement planning, succession planning, and business valuation.
  • Protecting your partners from an unintentional event by funding buy-sell arrangements or other buy-out agreement.
  • Insuring key employees for life or disability purposes to minimize impact to the business.
  • Rewarding top employees or executives with bonus plans, SERPS, or “golden handcuff” plans.
  • Providing top employees with supplemental disability income insurance.
  • Providing Long Term Care Insurance as a key employee incentive